Witch's Brew

Here are my organic strawberries. They've been living in my deep freeze for about two years.  In fact they spent much of their time alone......I was saving them for Christmas Vodka.  But it's been a Strawberry Jam kinda year....a little bit sour, a little bit sweet.......

Anyway raspberries are much better for making a Christmas Vodka, so I thought I'd give jam ago.......Have I ever made jam before? The answer must be no!

Get a packet of Jam Sugar from the local supermarket, I use Chelsea.  Just chuck in some frozen strawberries (the amount needed) add blob of butter, and stir on a low heat......Skim the scum off and turn up the heat, then boil for 4 minutes. Test the jam on a cold plate to see if it's set, taste it....oh so nice......What a treat! Package in sterilised jars, decorate and it's all ready for Xmas.

2008 organic strawberry patch pickings
It tasted great so much better than shop bought...
I can see the pips this has got to be good,  the jam is 100% fruit not chemicals!
The 2010 strawberry planst...I had no strawberry patch this year!

Making the Sign

On the day of the fair I found out I was on the back field!  I thought...who will see us back there?  I quickly got the computer and made a sign. I divided up the words, as I wanted to enlarge this on to A3.  Once I'd done this I laminated each A3 sheet, used the craft knife to slice it up and used double-sided tape to stick it all together.  The sign was about 2.5 m in length.

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