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What can you do with 'Show Me?'  I think the question is what can't you do?  This app is free, and what you see is what you get.  You won't be expected to purchase any upgrades to get more usage out of this app.

The ShowMe voice blog is brilliant and has some basic tips to get you started.  I've just set up an account for children.  This is a new feature for ShowMe.  Though, I decided to just add a classroom student account, so I put my school name and room number instead of the child's first and last name.  I will see how this goes, at this stage I just don't think every child in my class needs their own ShowMe account.

To set up student accounts login to ShowMe and the click on 'Edit Profile.'  Along the sidebar you will see 'Students.'  You can then click on this and add your students.  You will then get an email to say you have added a student/s and their ShowMe login and password.

ShowMe interface...

I wanted to use 'Show Me,' to reinforce some of the maths concepts covered in class.  Click here to view one of my ShowMe whiteboards.

Some tips for using ShowMe with students:  
At first some children in my class went away and recorded five voice over whiteboards using ShowMe, when they should have just made one ShowMe.  They forgot about the pause button!  So make sure you remind children about this.  When they've paused the recording they can then clear the screen...insert more photos and so on.

If you take a photo in the ShowMe app this will not be added to the camera roll (also the same in iMovie).  That means if the children muck up their ShowMe they will have to retake all of their photos.  If children are capturing their learning and thinking spontaneously then it would be fine to just take photos while in the ShowMe app.  However, if children are making a longer ShowMe and have done some planning on how best to do this, it would be better to take all photos with the iPad camera first. That way they are on the camera roll ready to be inserted into ShowMe.

This year my focus is to get children to use 'Show Me' to teach other children about geometry. Below is one example which had no teacher input.  Children were exploring how best to make 3D shape using a net.

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