Koru Stained Glass Windows...

I really enjoy using the koru pattern to create a variety of artworks.  If you have limited wall space in your classroom and plenty of window space then this could be one of the ways to jazz up your learning space.

I came up with this idea and this is how we went about creating our stained glass koru windows.

If you want some more ideas click here, this will take you to the unit written by the Correspondence School in New Zealand.

We started by exploring koru patterns and kowhaiwhai patterns.  I have many of these different patterns laminated for the children to use.  I also used the koru pattern in maths to teach rotation, reflection and tessellations.
Exploring different colours and tones they could use in their design.
Starting on the large panels,  A1 heavy duty cartridge paper sliced down the middle.
When the large pastel designs are finished they're reading for oiling. The children used large brushes to paint oil on the front and back of their artworks. Tip: brush gently because some pastels can smudge.  If this happens you can wait for the oil to dry and touch up the colour with pastels. Hang up artworks to dry.
Finished panels reading for hanging on the window.  Click here to see our finished Koru stained glass windows.

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