QuickTapSurvey...came just in time for my class.  Before they get right into creating their truffle recipes, as part of our technology unit, they had some questions that needed to be answered..

What an authentic context for them to create a survey to gather answers to their questions.  They wanted to know information like: what flavour of truffles people liked to eat, what coatings did they like on truffles and what price were people willing to pay for 6-8 truffles.

First you need to set up a username and password on the site  QuickTapSurvey. The interface is user friendly and I helped the children to create one truffle survey all truffle groups could used.  Under different questions is a section that shows you very clearly what type of questions you can ask, like multi choice many answers or a yes/no question.  This was really helpful for the children creating the survey.  You get to have only one active survey on the 'free' version.  Once the survey was complete it was published.

Then the rest is just so easy.  You need to download the QuickTapSurvey App onto your iPad.  Login, and you're survey appears! So easy and so simple.  Of course the free version only lets you have the survey on one device.  If you do use two devices then it will ignore responses on the second device (unless of course you upgrade and pay).

My class have really enjoyed visiting other classes, selecting a group of children to complete their survey.  We've enjoyed looking at the analytics and so far they've found out that more junior children have never tasted truffles before....roll on truffle making!

There results so far...

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