Start of the School Year - Why not try a QR Treasure Hunt...

Do you have access to iPods?  Then why not do something at the start of the school year that will get your class buzzing!

I first noticed QR codes on the cover of some 'new release' DVD's down at the Video shop.  I also saw QR codes in the newspaper, under some movie reviews.  I read the movie review then scanned the QR code which loaded the movie trailer.  I thought that was really cool!

I then surfed the net and came across a few QR generators.  I used a QR code generator to convert my class blog web address into a QR code.  I then put this QR code onto my first classroom newsletter.

For a treasure hunt the 'QR Treasure Hunt Generator' is brilliant.  The QR codes generated are text files, so you don't have to worry about your iPods having a Wi-fi connection.

Most of the children in my class had limited experience with QR codes, so they had some practise at scanning the front page of the quiz before they embarked on their hunt.  There were about five children in each group and they each had a piece of paper to record their answers.  For more advanced users you could get children to use an app, like 'Notes' to record the answers on the iPods.

There were twelve questions to answer and they related to school rules and routines. You can write your questions in a Word document and then copy and paste these to create your QR codes.  Your questions and answers need to be written in a specific format: question*answer, How many children in our class?* 27

I tapped the printed QR codes on the outside of classroom walls and hid some in the playground.

With Sunblock applied and sunhats on off they all went...they loved it!

For more ideas on using QR codes in the classroom click here.

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